Chapter A – The Almighty God

This chapter provides a scriptural foundation for those wanting to know more about the Almighty God . . . he is the true God. It includes verses that give details about the description of God; his sovereignty; his nature and attributes; the things he hates; and his divine judgment.

As the chapter ends, you will find details about God as our heavenly Father; and scripture for those who are searching for God.

A-1 . . Yes, God Is Real
Topics: God Does Exist | Sources That Prove That God Exists | The Almighty God Is The True God

A-2 . . What Does God Look Like?
Topics: The Description Of God | The Times When God Was Manifested To Others | God Is Immortal

A-3 . . The Sovereignty Of God
Topics: God Is Head Above All | God Does All Things According To His Will | God Has Plans For Our Lives

A-4 . . The Nature of God
This section covers God’s nature and attributes (from him being self-existent to holy).

A-5 . . The Attributes Of God
This section covers areas from God’s holiness to him being matchless.

A-6 . . The Triune Nature Of God
Topics: The Trinity | The Times When The Trinity Is Mentioned Together | Grace, Love And Fellowship

A-7 . . What God Hates And Considers Abominable
Topics: The Things God Hates | What Is An Abomination? | Examples Of Abominations

A-8 . . The Judgment Of God
Topics: God’s Divine Decision | The Manner In Which God Judges | About The Almighty God As Judge | God’s Judgement On Deliberate Wrongdoing

A-9 . . The Almighty God – Our Heavenly Father
Topics: God Is Now Your Father | God’s Role As Father

A-10.. Are You Searching For God In This World?
This section covers the fact that God is near, that he thinks about you and has plans for your life. You can draw close to him and be clean (forgiven) of your sins.

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