Descriptions Of The Word Of God

The word of God [and its teachings], are described in many ways . . . such as being sweeter than honey and the honeycomb ~ Psa. 19:10. It is also compared to several different things, like a burning fire ~ Jer. 23:29, and as a looking-glass (mirror) ~ James 1:23 – 25.

Some other descriptions for the word of God are:

  • It Is Truth
    The word of God is also called truth ~John 17:17, it has been true from the beginning and will endure for ever ~Psa. 119:160.
  • It Is Alive
    The word of God is described as being quick (alive) and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword. It is not like other literature since the word of God has the ability to convict of sin, to correct, to comfort, and to quicken (revitalize) a person ~ Psa. 119:50.
    The living word of God is piercing and will deal with the distinct and specific areas of the soul and the spirit. It is also able to determine and answer those matters which we think about and contemplate in our hearts ~ Heb. 4:12.
  • It Is Pure
    The words of the Lord are pure words, they are not deceptive. They have been tested and tried by others just as how silver is tried in a furnace and purified seven times ~ Psa. 12:6. We can depend upon and love the word of God because they are very pure ~ Psa. 119:140. It will enlighten the eyes and give us insight ~ Psa. 19:8.
  • It Is A Lamp And A Light
    The word of God is described as a lamp and a light that gives us direction and leads us on the right path ~ Psa. 119:105.
  • It Is Seed
    The word of God is like a seed which is planted in our hearts that causes us to believe in God. It will grow and produce fruits of righteousness ~ Luke 8:11. The word of God will always accomplish its purpose and when we believe in it, it will not produce empty or void results ~ Isa. 55:11.
  • It Is Water
    The word of God is described as water which is used for washing, cleaning and sanctifying believers ~ Eph. 5:26. When we obey the word of God it purifies our souls ~ 1 Pet. 1: 22 and enables us to clean our wrong ways ~ Psa. 119:9.
  • It Is Milk/Food
    The word of God is described as milk which causes us to grow spiritually and to become mature in the things of God ~1 Pet. 2:2. We ought not to live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God ~Matt. 4:4.
  • It Is A Shield
    The word of God is described as a shield and buckler that protects us from being deceived and harmed ~ Psa 91:4. When we know God’s word we are able to detect and escape deception, lies, fears etc., that may seek to control us and lead us astray ~ Prov. 30:5.
  • It Is Like A Hammer
    The word of God is like a hammer that break the rock in pieces ~ Jer. 23:29. It is powerful to shatter lies and deception, harden hearts, strong holds in the mind, and strong belief systems or doctrines that are contrary to truth.
  • It Is A Sword
    The word of God is also described as the sword of the Spirit ~ Eph. 6:17. It is used to counteract or cut down the accusations and lies of the evil one. The word of God is also used to thrust through deception enabling us to see clearly into those things that are erroneous so that we are not enticed and lured into sin.
  • It Will Endure Forever
    The word of God will endure forever. It cannot be mastered and will not become boring; it cannot be quieted, or destroyed. The grass may wither and the flower fadeth, but the word of our God shall stand for ever ~ Isa. 40:8. After awhile, treasures and riches of earth will decay but the word of God will not. Even heaven and earth shall pass away: but the word of God shall not pass away ~ Luke 21:33.


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