Will God Forgive A Christian Who Had Committed Suicide?

Yes He will. God will forgive a suicide because: A Christian is not under condemnation [there is no judgment, no rejection, no condemnation . . . he/she incurs no damnation]. . "For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth... Continue Reading →


You Can Still Bloom Again

Suz and Tell

Late December 2017, we observed a horrible incident occurring in our garden . . . most of our lily plants were being ravagely eaten by caterpillars, and this was a first for us.

Hundreds of caterpillars stripped these plants to thin membrane of their leaves, and then to nothing at all. It was scary, and most of the lillies, found all around our yard fell prey to these pests.

But it is February now, and we have happily observed a couple of our lilies in bloom. These plants have sprouted again after the caterpillars were gone; they have survived the ordeal and it appears that they may all have flowers in time for Easter.

This reminds me of life.

We all go through “stuff” at one time or the other. Stuff that hurts us, breaks us down, and may even destroy us to some extent. But there is hope …

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You Are More Glorious

Our view of God is always changing . . . in good times and periods of victory, he is a great, big, wonderful God; awesome in power! In times or restoration, we view him as merciful, kind, and forgiving. Then there are the bad times, and sad moments; when we fail to even recognize his... Continue Reading →

The Bible Truth About Lies

What Is A Lie? A lie is whatever is not what it professes to be ~ biblehub. It is that which is false, insincere, deceptive, and not straightforward; an illusion. Simply put, it is untruth . . . there is no lie that is of [originates from] the truth ~ 1 John 2:21. God Cannot... Continue Reading →

Are You Saved?

Are you saved? In other words . . . are you delivered from the bondage of sin? Have you repented and are your sins forgiven? Do you have the righteousness of God? Do you have the Holy Spirit? Do you know that you can be good and righteous but not have the righteousness of God?... Continue Reading →

Do Not Be Afraid

It is not where you live, or with whom you live, but how you live that really matters; and today you are encouraged to live without fear. Do not be afraid. When King David described some of the persons he faced daily, he said: “My soul is among lions: and I am even among them... Continue Reading →

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