I Will Trust You

I will trust you Lord, Not me; I will wait on you, I’ll wait and see. You know everything, You’re Lord; You will see me through, I will trust you.


Knowing God, Even Through My Senses

I may not see God with my physical eyes, But I have seen him at work in me . . . and in all our lives. Let me describe the taste of God’s spiritual food, His word - which restores my soul, is sweeter than honey, and it boosts my mood. And what of the... Continue Reading →

The Reasons Why I Love You

A poem expressing why I tolerate, befriend, and even love a certain person named "Uu". . The Reasons Why I Love You The greatest reason why I can embrace you, Is because God gave me a love . . . to love you. You’ve never shown me good, You do not trust me. Your goodness... Continue Reading →

Will I?

I wrote this poem after contemplating what the Bible stated about the lives of Enoch (Heb. 11:5), Noah (Gen. 6:9), and Abraham (James 4:23). Will I? Will I have the testimony That I pleased the Lord? Will I have the epitaph That I walked with God? Will I be considered The friend of God? Will... Continue Reading →

What It Means To Love The Lord

Lord, to love you It's not about focusing on self Or upon circumstances It's being and thinking anew. Lord, to love you It's not about rules and laws Or expectations It's doing what you would do. Lord, to love you It's not about plans and dreams Or desires and goals It's living a life with... Continue Reading →

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