Knowing The Difference

I found these tips to help us discern between God's voice and Satan's voice. God's Voice Satan's Voice Stills you Rushes you Leads you Pushes you Reassures you Frightens you Enlightens you Confuses you Encourages you Discourages you Comforts you Worries you Calms you Obsesses you Convicts you Condemns you


Let Your Spirit Be Steadfast And Faithful To God

It is so necessary to have your own spiritual life, because the extent of your power [strength to be victorious] depends on how well you give room to the Holy Spirit in your life. Let your spirit be steadfast and faithful to God. (Further reading . . . Psa. 78:1 - 8)

Make Time For God

As we plan our day, our week, month, and even entire year; let’s remember to make time for God. During the hustle and bustle of each day, when we hardly find the time to even “scratch our heads”; remember that God is involved in our lives . . . even in our busyness! To grow... Continue Reading →

#1 Goal – The Habit Of Praying

As you live your Christian life, become intimate with the practice of prayer. Pray often . . . everywhere, for everything, and for everyone. It would be in your best interest if you made prayer your top priority, your number one goal, a habit, and your deepest desire. If you are a stranger to prayer;... Continue Reading →

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