Chapter A – The Almighty God

This chapter provides a scriptural foundation for those wanting to know more about the Almighty God . . . he is the true God. It includes verses that give details about the description of God; his sovereignty; his nature and attributes; the things he hates; and his divine judgment. As the chapter ends, you will... Continue Reading →

The Bible Truth About Lies

What Is A Lie? A lie is whatever is not what it professes to be ~ biblehub. It is that which is false, insincere, deceptive, and not straightforward; an illusion. Simply put, it is untruth . . . there is no lie that is of [originates from] the truth ~ 1 John 2:21. God Cannot... Continue Reading →

God doesn’t comfort us to only make us comfortable, but to also make us comforters.

Are You Saved?

Are you saved? In other words . . . are you delivered from the bondage of sin? Have you repented and are your sins forgiven? Do you have the righteousness of God? Do you have the Holy Spirit? Do you know that you can be good and righteous but not have the righteousness of God?... Continue Reading →

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